TUTORING from K. to Grade12

TUTORING from Grade K. to Grade 12, MATH - SCIENCE - ENGLISH - FRENCH Calculus - Advanced Functions - Data Management - Physics - Biology - Chemistry - Accounting - French - EQAO (Ontario Curriculum). We also provide- SAT & SSAT Preparation- Study Skill Programs - TOEFL, IELTS, Test Preparation-High School Credits.


About Us

LEARNA HEARTLAND CENTRE is managed by the dynamic and effective leadership of Meena Chopra who is an educator, mentor, artist, poet and a community person. She is assisted by an enthusiastic group of qualified and expert teachers..
At Learna Heartland, we provide Math, Science, Reading, Writing & French tutoring in an interactive environment with the help of experienced teachers to enable your child to excel. The Learna method focuses on understanding and application rather than drill. It was developed by expert educators of Canada to take your child along an individualized learning path to success. Your child will love learning at Learna Heartland and will thrive at school. The key to the success of our Learna method is that it identifies and automatically adapts to the strengths or weaknesses of your child in learning various concepts.

The Challenge: In order to progress through a concept level in the curriculum, a child must achieve a certain minimum standard (in terms of speed and accuracy) in each activity corresponding to that concept. The time spent on each activity will vary for different children depending on their prior knowledge of related concepts and their capability for learning new material. At Learna Heartland, our monitoring system is two-fold. We monitor each child’s progress on an individual basis, but we also evaluate each of them according to what other students at that learning level are achieving.

The Centre was approved in 2007, for delivering TOEFL iBT testing by ETS and since then has been administering approximately 40 tests successfully every year. TOEFL is the world's largest English Language Testing Network.
During the course of time, apart from tutoring, LEARNA HEARTLAND CENTRE started providing various other need and value based educational services to adults and new Canadians as well, as the demand rose with the influx of new immigrants in the surrounding areas.

The centre is engaged in the following activities:

• Teaching English, Math, Science, French ( K. to Gr.12)


• Creative Writing & Writing Skill development programs.

• Basic Computers for new immigrants, seniors and housewives

• Art programs for adults and children

• Teaching Ethnic Languages - Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

• Offering High School Credits

We also offer translations, proof reading and related services also.
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