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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip to the CN Tower - A Story by Anisha Vatti

Anisha Vatti
Anisha is a 9 year old
 up  coming, young &
bright story writer.
She lives in Mississauga
with her parents 
and is a Grade 4 student.
She is also a student of
creative writing program
Jack burst through Annabelle’s room.  Jack is a 7 year old who’s full of energy and very enthusiastic who has an eighteen year old sister named Annabelle.  Annabelle was sitting on her bed putting on nail polish.  “Lets go” Jack shouted from downstairs.  “To where?” she asked.  “Mom agreed for us to go to the CN tower, come on” Jack said.  “Wait” said Annabelle, she grabbed a pair of shoes and ran out to the car bare feet.  It’s time you got here”, Jack said.  “I came as fast as I could, now don’t touch my toes they’re drying.  “Fine” said Jack as soon as the car started.  Soon they were on their way.  “Where are we going again?” asked Annabelle.  “To the CN tower, duh” replied Jack. 

When they got there the two rushed to the ticket center.  There was a very short line for tickets so they quickly got them and went upstairs but it was almost closing time.  “Woah” said Jack “look at the view”.  “I’ll be in the bathroom putting on makeup if you need me” said Annabelle.  The two were paying so much attention on what they were doing, they didn’t hear the announcement that the CN tower was closing down in 5 minutes for summer break.  When Annabelle came out everybody was gone.  “Jack look” said Annabelle “nobody is here”.  “Now look at what you got us into’’ said Jack.  “It’s all your fault, you were looking at the window and not paying attention to what’s happening” said Annabelle.  And before they knew it they were in a fight. 

At the end of the fight Annabelle started to chase Jack.  They ended up in the little corridor when Jack said “na na na boo boo, ouch” and he fell down and broke his arm.  “Ow” he said “it hurts.  “Don’t worry, I know how to fix your arm but you will have to repay me” said Annabelle.  “Anything, it hurts” said Jack.  She put a bandage on his arm from the first aid kit right beside the fire hose.  When Annabelle was finished Jack said” Lets jump out the window”.  “Are you crazy?  That will ruin my makeup.  You are just so annoying” she said.  “I will get us out of hear” he coaxed.  “Fine” she said.  Jack found a hammer and smashed the window.  “Let’s go” he said.  “No” said Annabelle.  Meanwhile their parents were getting worried.  They called a security guard to come look for them.  Then they got hold of them and waited for their parents to come pick them up.  When they came their mom said “Oh my babys are you okay?” and hugged them so tight they couldn’t breath.  Then they hopped in the car and drove home together.        

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